Monday, March 3, 2014

The Next Few Years....

Well folks the decision is May we will be moving to ARIZONA!! Its bitter sweet, we both have wanted to end up on the East Coast...but its a warm place. So I will take it! We are pretty excited and can not wait.

Ryan accepted a job with GM and will be starting in June. He is so excited and cannot wait to start. We still cannot believe that he is graduating and are beyond excited!! We are excited to move there because we have lots of friends down there, as well as my all time favorite restaurant happens to be down there....Waffle House. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our First Loss

Our first pet together passed away a few days ago. This charming little fellow whose name is Mr Slithers passed away. It was unexpected and sad. We loved this little man, as slithery as he was. Ryan always reminds me that snakes don't feel, but this guy always loved to come out and play when we were around. I grew so attached to this little creature. We were sad to say good bye, but were happy that we were able to have so many fond memories of him with us. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Recap

2013 I will miss you. We will miss you. 
This was the year I graduated from College. The year my husband saw the light at the end of his schooling tunnel. The year I started down a new path for career. The year we got our second, third and fourth pet. The year we never moved from our apartment and it became our first home. 

In 2013 I traveled to Georgia four times, New England once, and Salt Lake three times. Ryan was with me for all but two trips. In these trips we brought home Ryans pet chinchilla Pope, we fell in love with a puppy bulldog that was way to much money. We had white sauce from Sho Guns way to 
many times, as well as feasted our hearts out on Tucanos. 

In this year, our parents and our loved ones came out and got to see our beautiful home for the first time.
 We shared so many memories with them, showing them around Rexburg, 
celebrating graduation, birthdays, and new adventures. 

One particular memory from a trip back to New England that Ryan had was being able to go to a retro video game store in Plastow, NH with his Father and Auntie. He loved being able to sort through the thousands of video games that they had there, while telling them about all of the values of rare games, and just any games in general. One thing that Ryan has really realized this year was how much he loves collecting. Over this past year he has grown his video game collections, we have NES, SNES, and N64. It has been so much fun searching, looking and finding incredible gyms to add to our collection. 


A memory from this past year for me was graduating. It was truly wonderful, and scary at the same time. College has been my life for the past almost 5 years. It took me 3 years to decide what I wanted to do and two years to do it.  Its amazing to me how much has changed since my little teenage self came off to college. The best part about it all, is I got to end my College career with my wonderful husband, and incredible parents. Without either of them I am not sure where I would be today. 

In 2013 our family grew by 3. Ryan and I decided to bring Pope back home with us. We absolutely love him, few months later we took him to a Chinchilla play date and left with one more. We decided to name this second little man Cardinal. He absolutely adored Pope and they have become attached at the hip.  In December I some how tricked Ryan into letting me get one more. This little man is called Bishop, and has he been an adventure. He doesn't quite get along with the other, but he absolutely adores Ryan. 

2013 summer time Ryan and I were able to go to Yellowstone National Park twice!! It was absolutely incredible. It was so much fun showing Ryan all the places that I went to as a kid there, and creating our own traditions there. Ryan got to see Old Faithful for the first time, and we had a chance to take Eli and Auntie out there with us the second time.  

2013 I lost my Great Grandmother. To say that she was an incredible woman does not do her justice. She was an example, and a mentor to me in my life. This wonderful women showed me what its like to be a mother, to be kind, benevolent, and virtuous. I was able to fly out and be with my family to attend her funeral. It was so beautiful, and it just reminded me how important family truly is to me. 

In 2013 Ryan and I fell in love with Dr. Who and LOTR. 
(Well maybe just me, Ryans had years to love them)

2013 was a good year. We celebrated a one year anniversary, and we are so excited to have many more. 
I hope yall enjoy the pictures.